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The conference is the most important annual national event for the dissemination of ideas and information about partnership arrangements and for safeguarding children.

Requirements of the Children and Social Work Act 2017 create a new partnership structure between Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Police. Localities are responding to the new arrangements with plans to deliver varying extent of change in achieving this transition.

At the heart of the business change process is the endeavour to ensure best practices are maintained and developed. The voices of children and families are an imperative component in delivering quality and effectiveness.
This two day residential event creates a unique opportunity for key partnership stakeholders across England to engage in the emerging issues that are impacting upon the business. There is structured opportunity for discussion across professional spheres and within the national peer groups of those partners represented.
The event is designed for Independent LSCB Chairs, Board Managers, CCG, Police and Local Authority leaders, Lay Members and other professionals with a direct interest in children safeguarding partnership arrangements. Speakers with relevant national remit and workshop leaders with specific expertise will be addressing the issues of greatest relevance to this period of change and that support commitment to continuous improvement.

Accommodation in the hotel is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. We will still be able to arrange accommodation locally and although there are suitable hotels in the area, being on site is always more convenient and the accommodation and facilities are second to none. We urge you, therefore, to book early to guarantee your space on site.

Dinner is INCLUDED on the first day of the conference and for those guests who are staying two nights at the hotel, dinner is ALSO INCLUDED for the first night (27th November). At the request of members, this year, the dinner  on the 27th will also be arranged in a private space, to encourage more networking.

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Booking Conditions

  • Bookings are only guaranteed with payment
  • Room allocation on site versus off site are guaranteed on a first come first basis, guaranteed on payment
  • Cancellations made before 1st November 2018 will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations must be processed by the individual via the booking system and cannot be guaranteed by email.
  • Discounts applied in relation to membership are subject to membership fees being processed and paid before booking. If outstanding fees are due you are liable for the full rate. (an additional £100)
  • If a booking is made by an individual who is not eligible to attend, this booking will be cancelled. (Any payments received will be refunded, minus a £30.00 administrative fee.)

If you have any questions about eligibility, or any further details relating the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us at: