DfE publishes revised Working Together to Safeguard Children

July 2018
Department for Education has published two pieces of statutory safeguarding guidance which set the framework within which all practitioners should operate in order to protect children from abuse and neglect and promote their best interests.

These are:

  • Revised Working Together to Safeguard Children statutory guidance; and
  • Local Safeguarding – Transitional Arrangements statutory guidance.

You can find these documents on the DfE website here.

AILC has produced a Briefing on the new Working Together and related guidance, including the Transition Timetable for all aspects. Click here.

AILC Press Release on Ofsted Inspection Report April 2018

AILC has issued a Press Release on our recent report, analysing Ofsted Inspections. which shows that 60% of LSCBs have been rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ during the last series of Ofsted inspections between April and December 2017.

This report highlights the important role played by chairs as key influencers in wider leadership and governance arrangements, ensuring that these focus on effective safeguarding outcomes for children and young people.

David Ashcroft AILC"s Chair says in the Foreword:

“As we seek to implement new arrangements under the Children and Social Work Act, these reports are an endorsement of the work that almost every Board undertakes – led by robustly independent chairs and supported by skilled business managers and their teams."

We attach both the report and the press release below.

  DfE publishes a document setting out the responses to the Consultation

26 February 2018
Department for Education has published a document setting out their response to the submissions for the consultation on changes to the statutory guidance document ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and the child death review guidance.  
Subject to Parliamentary clearance of the underpinning regulations, a revised version of Working Together to Safeguard Children and the child death review guidance will be published in late May.  In the meantime the DfE will be reviewing the drafting.

AILC Submission to the Consultation on Working Together Changes - December 2017

AILC submitted its formal response to the consultation on the WT changes at the end of December.  AILC is hoping to have further constructive discussions on changes and amendments to the guidance and regulation, in line with the suggestions made across the sector on how these can be strengthen and improved. This document and the links to the submissions from LGA, BASW, ADCS & the Consultation response to the inclusion of Contextual Safeguarding in revised guidance from IC are all available on the Private Members page relating to the Children & Social Work Act progress. (Which is under Resources/CSW Act 2017 Members Only. You need to be logged in to the see the link.)

AILC Phase 2 Survey Report - Nov 17

Following the Children & Social Work Act 2017 LSCB Views on New Safeguarding Arrangements

This is the second of a series of surveys in relation to changes in safeguarding arrangements, as outlined in the recent Children & Social Work Act. It is undertaken by the Association of Independent Local Safeguarding Children Board Chairs (AILC) to ensure a regular flow of current information is captured, analysed and shared amongst LSCBs and partners at local, regional and national levels.

To go to the Survey, which is on our Members Page, click here.

Children and Social Work Act 2017

For Children and Social Work Act 2017 related information - guidance, timetable, reports and updates - please click on Resources, then click on the various CSW Act tabs relating to this subject. 

AILC Members Survey Report - June 2017

Another report by AILC published in June outlines LSCB Chair’s views following the Children & Social Work Act receiving Assent. The survey findings show that most LSCBs are currently staying the same, although some had already been working towards improvements – one such LSCB Chair says:
"We should be clear of the added benefit of any change before making it. The driver should be effectiveness”.

Planned outcomes of the survey here, are to share information and analysis across the country, and contribute to the wider context of change and transition.

Further surveys will be undertaken across the period during which government implement the changes resulting from the new Act- expected to be up until April 2019.