Partner Membership

Partner membership is available for £1500.00. Membership provides your organisation with a minimum of five access points to members content as well as any member discounts provided on CPD. If you are interested in joining, please contact Alison at Please provide the name of your Organisation and the names and titles of your key Police, Health and Local Authority leads in Safeguarding (if available; together with their titles and email addresses. In addition, the details of any other staff members to which you wish to provide access. If you require a Purchase Order prior to being invoiced please raise one for £1500.00, currently to Association of Independent LSCB Chairs Ltd  (until TASP registration process for the Charitable CIO status is complete). If you require ANY further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email Alison at or Frankie at

Get Involved


(Members Only) Find SCR Authors through the Author Directory and share thoughts with your colleagues nationally, on the new safeguarding arena through the Member's Forum.


(Members Only) Stay up-to-date on safeguarding  issues and legislative actions. Connect with other members and join working groups on topics in which MASAs are facing ongoing challenges


Continue your professional development through conferences, regional meetings and workstream working groups - helping you make connections that are relevant

Benefits of membership

Membership is valuable

The Serious Case Review Authors Directory is an invaluable resource. Please keep this service for the new Association.

Trust the new association will continue to organise a great conference!

Feedback from Annual Meeting
from 2018 Annual Conference


  • A voice to ensure that the experiences of those working in a safeguarding role are understood, respected and valued
  • Shape the future of safeguarding
  • Support to the continuing development of MASA's through Charting the Changes
  • Building and sharing Members only website content together to share best practice
  • Monthly newsletter and new website
  • Access to the latest safeguarding news
  • Key stakeholder engagement updates
  • Join exclusive working groups
  • Access to SCR Authors Directory
  • Vacancy alerts for Chairs
  • Free vacancy advertising for Partners
  • Annual Conference and discount available to Members 
  • Learning and sharing resource